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Gabriel's Overview of 2011

A Year of Revealing Deeper Truths


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And now, Gabriel Speaks about 2011...

Just like the year 2010, the year off 2011 will take place energetically in 3 main segments.

January - April Revelation and Re-evaluation of Choices (1st chakra) May - August Connection and Commitment (2nd chakra)
Sept - December Renewal and New Beginnings (3rd chakra)

The year of 2011 will involve another major opening of the Sirian vortex. As this happens, it will form a cross of four quadrants. Each of these governs the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, which will prepare for the opening of the soul consciousness. This opening will create an accelerated fusion of these four bodies.

January - April

The first four months have been prepared by the 5th chakra moving down into the lower chakras in the last four months of 2010. It has been raising the manifestation potential in form. The lower three chakras are the chakras of manifestation. The soul is now being prepared in the first stages of manifestation...

The first chakra is about how you create form and relate to form. The main focus will be on the re-structuring and move into new choices that serve the soul plan.

You will be finding yourself in major re-evaluation of choices. Some things will be coming to an end, as you have moved through the lessons of these things. The Revelation will be about the exposure of the truth as it stands, based on what you have learned from the old forms.

You can already see this taking place, such as the scandal of the Wikileaks... with the website revealing the secret information of governments and leaders. This is all leading to the re-evaluation of choices and how the serve or do not serve.

As the fifth chakra energies move down, it reveals lots of the secrets that have been held in the shadow of the subconscious. This will happen for people individually and in the macrocosm of the world consciousness.

Anything in emotional shame will be triggered to the surface. Any old luggage emotionally will come up in this year, particularly in the second four months of 2011.

In these first four months, things will be brought to the surface to revelation of deeper truths. You have prepared that with the worldwide connection of the internet. It is hard to keep things in secrecy. People are learning how to tap into stored information for these revelations.

The control of the survival system of the world, based on how the world management team has kept secrets from the masses, will be revealed layer by layer. The social systems, the governmental structures, the religious structures, the defense structures. This will put everyone on a more equal level.

The truth reveals what is real, which exposes the illusions and the control of the illusions. As the Sirian vortex opens, it opens the energies of teaching and learning. There will an increase in the realm of knowledge, as you move into the Hall of Wisdom and Learning.

This is a new arena of the astral plane (4th dimension). This is the energetic structure that surrounds the planet and each individual.

Physical symptoms during these four months will be in the lower part of the body. The waist down is likely to be activated. Pains and soreness are likely. Energy moving to the surface will create sensations, such as jerks in the muscles.

You may also feel more grounded and centered as the higher energies moves into the lower body. (again prepared in the final months of 2010).

As the movement of the 5th chakra has moved, you are starting to activate the truth of being, which will lead you into the Divine Plan as a more manifested reality and unified experience. In 2011, you will experience unification on a more experiential level than you have known before. This will take place as the truth is revealed, which is that you are all the same on many levels.

You will be "in the loop" in deeper ways, with an increased ability to make informed choices. The first four months are a transformation of the Revelation of new ways to make choices and lead you to new commitments.

There may be a lot of letting go of the old, as well as a deeper revelation of how things don't serve you from the old survival approach to life. Patterns in your lives will become clearer. Group consciousness will grow.

You are already starting to see the ridiculous political patterns have not served you, where the two parties in the US have been opposed to one another and have not served the whole. There needs to be a re-evaluation and transformation of those parties to contain individual views and ways to seek solutions.

Coming together for these soul-u-tions will serve. Where you have opposition, you have a reflection of the duality that you have held inside your own individual lives and collective consciousness. This will be one of the final years that challenges duality in a direct way. This has been a focus since 2004 in a much bigger way.

This will be a year to evaluate the pairs of opposites to understand the gifts of different perspectives and approaches. You can literally use this as an inspiration. The revelations in these four months will create new inspiration. This comes from the soul beginning to "test" the personality. This is to test the personality in how it has attached to forms as compensations for the lack of sense of self. This will reveal these attachments that no longer serve.

When you are attached to one thing, you are in opposition to anything else that would challenge this attachment. This will be a potent time of seeing these attachments in a deeper way... to see what serves and what does not.

The clarity of Revelation will take place in the first two months... and then the re-evaluation will be in the second two months more fully. If there is a lot of blockage in the pelvic region, you could have lots more problems with the prostate and ovaries/ genitals.

Even the process of urinating can become confused. It is important to seek the tools for clearing the blockages that have been held in your bodies, based on your survival and defense approaches to life. If you have been clearing your blockages, you could have more well-being and balance take place.

There can be more harmony in this area of the body. This will accelerate one way or another. If you are not terribly blocked here, you may feel more energy gathering in this part of the body. This could increase more kundalini sexual energy releasing. This may accelerate your desire for sex in this time. It could also bring about sensations of more aliveness in a grounded way in the body.

This could inspire you to want to use your life to build new forms and create new enhancements. Wanting to manifest things that have been a mere interest before may take place. You will see in the outer world a re-evaluation of many systems. There will be a Revelation about how those systems are not working first.

There may be a lot of criticism that takes place at first. You will find that it will be more difficult to sit and be complacent or detached from what is taking place for many. Your relationship with the world of form, realizing it is NOT the source of your fulfillment will take place in this time.

This is a sign of the soul and Divine Plan beginning to connect with you on a more real level. You could also experience lower back issues in this time. If you have survival issues that are not dealt with, they will come to the surface in a greater way.

Doubts and fears may rise, so that they can be nurtured and transformed. Periods of self-doubt. Survival fears, but unsure where this is coming from. This is coming from the core level of your being. There will be many Revelations that will inspire.

You may begin to see in your mind's eye, the actual formulation of a picture, a more complete vision. As the lower chakras are about manifestation, the soul will begin to penetrate and inspire you toward new creations and manifestations.

You may find yourself very instinctual in fear at times, if you are in harm's way. The animal instinct will increase. It will also bring up the soul's experience of knowing as well. You will see things from a more complete knowing.

May - August

As you move into the second four months, the first chakra will inspire you into the second, to move into new choices. You will begin to transform your relationships at this time. Everything will be evaluated about how you relate to life itself. How do you make connections, which are deeper than attachments.

Connection takes place from an inner experience. May and June will be more about connecting more deeply to your individual self, as a response to letting go of outer attachments in the first four months. It can be a time when all of your relationships will shift in major ways. You may also form new relationships, which will require you to relate more fully as equals.

This will prepare you for more unity, with inter-dependence, not co-dependence. Connection, sharing, giving and receiving, where both are free individuals. Attachment, on the other hand, is based on the agendas of narcissism. This does not consider both people or both sides/ both needs.

The illusion of narcissism is that something outside of me will determine my worth. This will all begin to shift towards connection at this time. Attachment is separation and control. Attachment is ruled by the lower desire nature of the personality, through emotional attachment to specific forms and situations. This has kept you from knowing your own sacred value.

Desire is attached to pain and pleasure, trying to manipulate, defend and oppose anything that stands in the way of gratification. This keeps you in opposition in your world. As you let go of the attachments and connect more to Self, you prepare for connection. The soul begins to penetrate the personality on an emotional, relational level.

May and June will be letting go of the attachments that you have identified in the first four months. You will now begin to birth new approaches from inside yourselves. In the world around you, you will see upheavals in groups and governments.

Anything that has been attached to specific forms and agendas of duality and opposition. This will begin to break down in some ways. This will start with the Revelation of the illusions and the fact that these approaches do not work.

You have already had a foreshadowing at the end of 2010. The United Nations will be involved in these shifts; the ways they are been arbitrating have been one sided in many ways. The imbalanced approach of the US will be revealed as well. There are many afraid of these revelations.

You will begin to see the one-sided approach of things, that have not been interested in equality. There has been much corruption in the attachments and agendas. The resolution of these things will take time, but it will begin to shake up at this time.

You will see the alliances of governments have been in opposition or struggle in many cases. This will become apparent as the secrets are more revealed. There has been much deception. You will experience more relationship shifts in the religious systems.

People will be more disillusioned with the duality, shame and judgment of their religious beliefs. Good and evil. Right and wrong in opposition. As the soul penetrates the second chakra, it creates an upheaval in how you have related to every part of your lives. It is attempting to reveal deeper truths, so that you can respond and move into deeper commitments and solutions.

You have already set up the world, group consciousness with the internet. You must now learn how to refine the systems of your world that unites and creates equality and value. There will be less control and domination and secrecy. In personal relationships, you will have eruptions if there is co-dependency. This is a sign of imbalance and it is not fulfilling.

Co-dependence is all about control of defense and wounding. People have unconsciously used others to fulfill their attachments and agendas. And you have used one another for the momentary gratification of pleasure, rather than knowing how to create deeper fulfillment. The truth is that all that you can be in ownership of is the depths of the truth of your own being.

This will deepen during this time. And you may find more of the "roles" that you have played, instead of trusting your individuality. This has been as a way of fitting into herd consciousness, to find acceptance from something outside yourself.

As you improve your ability to relate to yourself, you will come into deeper truth and self-value and you will be able to move towards the fulfillment of Self.

Everything in your reality is about relationship. It is all inter-connected and in relationship. This will all begin to shift in this time. Connection will lead to new commitments. There will be more equal exchange that serves both people or both groups.

You will find yourself starting to understand what it means to give and to receive. They are connected. If you are truly giving of yourself, you will receive the depth of the experience. If you truly receive, you will create more desire to give and connect. It will be mutual inspiration.

The US, Russia, Korea and China will all be key players in the shake up of relationships. They will begin to have the potential to see the mutual needs of one another, which has the potential to shift international relations.a You will also have a lot of conflict in the religious wars and oppositions.

Terrorism will be a subject on the plate, as deeper truths are revealed. You will begin to see how these things have been manufactured to support a worldwide agenda, requiring that you all stay in fear for control. These truths will come out more fully, if you are willing to see deeper truth.

You will see more people standing up for their rights to be seen and heard. After the conflicts, it will lead to a need to listen more fully. People will gain more courage and form groups to stand in truth for the higher good.

The last quadrant of the year will bring about more formulation of group consciousness and the unification of group consciousness. This will be prepared by the shifts in personal relationships first.

The second quadrant will lead to possible digestive problems. Burning in the colon. Kidneys and spleen will also be affected. Stomach issues. Ulcers. These will come if you have not been clearing your bodies emotionally.

Again, seek the tools and support that allow you to do this, so that you can be proactive in creating solutions. As these higher energies penetrate the lower chakras, the contraction is what takes place first. This is because the energies feel like an intrusion to what you have known. This eventually expands and releases, if you work with these energies.

You may find yourself needing to urinate more often, as one example. The digestive system will shift a great deal during these second four months. If you have prepared this part of the body, you will move into a more fulfilling experience with your feelings.

If you have not done the work, you will likely go into greater fear and resistance, as many feelings will be moving during this time. You need to get used to sharing your feelings and to supporting one another in this process of reclaiming your feelings.

You all have the same needs. This may lead to an expansion of feelings of love that will be inspired as you are able to feel in balance, moved in new ways by the human condition. This is another sign of the soul, showing that you are all connected. Your sensory apparatus will deepen.

You will lose the desire nature that takes place through the five physical senses as the main sensors. You will move into higher levels of sensing. For instance, taste will become more fulfilled and add a dimension that will no longer be about pleasure, but more about the bliss of connecting to the plant kingdom (mostly).

You will sense what you eat moving through your whole system in many ways. The experience of life! Your sight will begin to combine with flashes of insight, so that when you see something, you will see the essence or idea behind the form.

The soul is objective. The form is objective. As these join, you will begin to perceive life more fully. Instantaneous insights will come from this new way of relating and becoming inspired. Sight and Insight. outer and inner in communion.

New depths of experience and relating to life will become possible. You will first get glimpses as the soul prepares to become your experience.

September - December (Renewal and Beginnings)

As you move into the last quadrant, the desire to be of service moves into the third chakra will, you will be inspired more fully into the manifestation that serves the group consciousness.

There will be just the beginning of unification and what it could mean, as you move out of wounded narcissism and into the ability to value, self and then one another. Things that you share in common will become more and more apparent.

This will take all that you have learned and now you begin to create a new reality out of the inner and outer in communion. This will help to heal your habitual separation, moving more into unification. The Divine Will can begin to direct the personality more fully, as you move into the 3rd chakra for its transformation.

There will be more dying of desire for the outer as the source. This will have been more prepared in the first two quadrants of the year. You will begin to think, feel and experience, as well as make choices from how you can be of service to the whole.

This will come out of a greater sense of self-value and self-worth. You will begin to know what POWER is for the very first time, from an inner awakening. You will begin to manifest out of that personal connection to self, the true source.

The main thing that this renewal and beginning will focus on is group vibration. The desire of the will be move towards group vibration. The ability to perceive the connection to the vibration of the group that is aligned with your soul self. It will be apparent to you, no matter where you are. You may have deja-vu, as indicators of what we are talking about. This will increase as you open to soul vibration.

You will recognize more soul mate connections. There are many different soul mates possible. For instance, you could spend a certain amount of time together to teach each other something specific for a period of time, mostly positive and sometimes negative or challenging.

Other connections will last a lifetime, both as friends or as partners. This will increase in this year.

The journey that this group has planned to Egypt in November, 2011 will be a part of this new group consciousness and focus. This is the reason it has been planned this way for the first time. What you have to give contributes to the groups. So we encourage you to listen to that inner inclination.

So get in touch with your talents, abilities and qualities of Self. You have been spending time in the first parts of the year connecting to these aspects of self more fully. You can now begin to bring them more fully into the good of the group.

All will benefit from everyone else, and this will become more apparent. As you attract your soul groups, the service of the group will accelerate and enhance each individual's potential experience. You will accelerate each other. You will help to raise each other to new levels of consciousness and potential!

This is what you have been preparing for, as you begin to shift your resonance towards soul consciousness. Your sense will continue to grow. You will hear through the inner ear, accessing the sounds of the universe more fully. Some will even become more telepathic now. Some are even experiencing this as you know what a friend is thinking or is about to say. This will become something that you trust as more common, as a part of deeper connection.

The lower apparatus will move to higher ways of perceiving as these higher energies are integrated. You will move into clairsentience, to sense on a feeling level, based on an intuitive knowing.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear your guides and presences, such as angels and beings. You will be able to connect more fully into the planetary Hierarchy, which will connect more to individuals who are connected to group. This is because it makes it easier to activate the plan, as each person is able to play their part in this piece of the Divine Plan.

Clairvoyance is the ability to speak as a channel, such as what is happening by the one who brings this message through to you. This has been misunderstood by religious groups in many ways. Speaking in tongues, as an example, is the inability of the vehicle to translate what energies are coming through into actual language and speech. The brain will experience a lot of activation in this third quadrant. The heart will also be activated.

There will be many hormonal shifts as well, as the pineal and pituitary glands begin to awaken in greater ways. This is the renewal, taking all that has come before and moving into a new created reality, just beginning to manifest and become the new soul potential. in the outer world, there will be an introduction to new forms within the old forms. new people will come into positions of impact.

There may be some radical ideas, but they will be supported as the shifts begin to take place, supported by mass consciousness. There will be both meeting of the minds and conflicts increasing, as there will be some who will go into deeper control to try and hold onto the old forms. This is all a part of the process.

There may be some severe conflicts. There will be much upheaval in the nuclear power on your planet, as there are more revelations in this year. This will introduce itself in the middle quadrant and more into action in the last four months.

There will be activity in the solar plexus, with more digestive moves. There may be heart burn as the higher energies literally burn through all of the blockages. There may be bloating and the seeming gaining of weight as you seek to integrate new energies, that will at first hit blockages. Challenges in the endocrine system will become more apparent at this time. The thymus will be shaken up.

The subconscious will open, the gateway of which is held in the thymus region. There will be a lot of letting go, which will allow the subconscious to move into intuition and the power of the higher will to take charge of the conscious mind.

The truth of your sacred identity and personal power will rise. It has nothing to do with control. it is taking more responsibility for your whole self and the potential that will awaken from within. More and more desire for peace will take place, both individually and collectively.

These are some of the things you can expect in 2011.

Blessings to you all.
- Gabriel



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