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(NOTE: GABRIEL has not come in to provide the Monthly Weather Reports since 2015. This is apparently not something that serves. Please enjoy these examples from 2015, and simply refer now to the OVERVIEW of each year.)


And here are archives for the earlier Monthly Weather Reports for 2015:
January - April
May - August

The gist of this current Weather Report for Sept - December
is focused onallowing the flow of PASSION and WILL for LIFE!

(channeled by Ron Baker)


Monthly Weather Report #61 (Sept - December, 2015)

"Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always we are most joyous to be in your Divine presence. We come at this time to talk to you about the final four months of 2015--a year of healing duality more fully, as the heart joins more fully with the lower three chakras.

This is an unprecedented move in the history of your planet. Your human condition has not known a direct connection to the heart for the most part. It has been a personality planet, focused on the lower three chakras.

It has served you well to move through these initial stages of life, developing the personality. This is an important part of claiming your initial levels of self-value and purpose. This has served you quite well.

You are likely finding in recent times that the purpose of your lives seems to be wavering and hinting in some ways--for those have been doing inner work--that there is a deeper sense of purpose preparing to emerge.

This is what we are here to talk to you about, with the opening of the 3rd gateway of the heart in these final four months of 2015. The will and passion for life is the 3rd gateway. It is connected to your purpose, as it takes the bridge that has already begun to take place between the heart and the lower self.

In the years since 2012, you have brought the 7th chakra energy down to the 1st chakra, as well as the 6th chakra energies down to the 2nd chakra. Your process has been prepared for these next steps, by these higher energies penetrating into the lower... preparing form and preparing a sense of soul plan awareness.

Now, the connection of the heart you have been working on has begun to awaken the first two gateways in 2015. The first gateway is all about learning to make conscious choices, that also develop a sense of conscience. This way you not only value yourselves, but also consider and value those around you more fully as well.

This was the first four months of the year. And then this present stage you have been in since May has been the awakening of the 2nd gateway, finding out where you have had attachments as a replacement for a sense of self. This will have then kept you from clear connections with one another.

This has begun to move into conscious awareness and you have begun a negotiation with these things in deeper ways, even if it is only impacting you in your dreams at this time.

Now we move into the final four months and you begin to fuel the energies that have already begun to move with a new bridge from the 3rd gateway into the 3rd chakra in the solar plexus.

This gateway is the will and passion for Life.

Your lower will has been transforming and has likely been confused with the changes that have been taking place. What is important to me now? Who am I any more? What is the purpose of being here?

Why bother, has been a very common question as the lower will begins to move out of its familiar comfort zones and agendas, or its particular focus on Life.

You have always believed that Life was for the development of the personality and achieving various things in the physical. You have, in many ways, based on the wounding of missing needs, focused outside yourselves, not feeling fully loved by your caregivers.

And you have not trusted that you are fully supported by Life itself.

This has been a natural stage, which has kept you seeking something more. You might have been seeking from the symbols - the job, the relationship, the money and things of your life. Or you may have begun seeking beyond those things.

This is a very natural stage for the personality to seek "more." However, for these most recent stages, "more" might have equaled accumulating more of the advancements in technology, or opportunities of convenience that have been brought into your lives.

This has served you, in that it has stretched you into an awareness that more is possible in your lives. And yet, in recent years, there has been a growing dissatisfaction with "things." At the same time, there is now a greater trust that more is possible. You almost live in an expectation that more will continue to reveal itself.

The next things. The next technologies and inventions will certainly be showing up. You almost expect them on a monthly basis at this point.

It has been quite inspiring to your curiosities and your wonder potential.

And now, seeking "more" is attempting to transform into a will and passion for Life itself.

This is an inspiration to the soul. The soul understands inherently that Life is for the purpose of experience. The soul is a realm of experience, a realm where you will bridge the personality into a greater potential for love, passion and purpose.

These three words will become more important moving forward. These are the things that will be attempting to awaken more fully in the next four months.

We have encouraged you in 2014 to begin working on a new vision, a new evaluation of what is truly important to you. What matters to you the most authentically. This was to prepare you for this time.

If you have not taken the time to do such a thing, we suggest you do this inventory at this time. Having some of your vision clear is what will give this new energy, which encourages you to move towards Life, a distinct place to focus.

When you are aware of your inner truth and aware of the things that truly touch you and matter to you, you have a more natural inclination for Life as it moves through you.

This is what is attempting to take place in profoundly clear ways, compared to what you have known in previous years. You may even find yourself reeling from the surges that will begin to move through you, if you have a capacity to say "yes" to Life.

And you have a structure that is at least loosely formed, so that you can embrace your connection to life more fully. Then you begin to see how these first three gateways work together.

Your willingness to move into Life through conscious choices with a value of others, and then to move into greater connections within these choices, will now add a will and passion for Life will allow you to become more motivated to fulfill your vision.

You will be more excited about Life somehow, even if you don't know where Life is leading you or why it is leading you. We are here to tell you that Life is leading you to yourself.

It is leading you to your own trust of Self, your trust in the Divine Plan for Life itself. This is the seed of this entire next stage or era on your planet, of soul-connected human beings.

You have been told over the last decades that the planet is preparing for a new root race. This will be a more profound shift than we could address in the next few moments. But we will certainly tell you that this new root race will be the first time you have been prepared to move into the heart space - the center of self, beyond the personality and survival self, beyond the limits of cause and effect, beyond all things that have served as reference points for you.

This time has been prepared and encouraged for several decades now. You have been prepared by energies impacting the planet. You have been prepared by beginning to assimilate these energies. You have been prepared by raising the vibration and frequencies in your body.

This has required the raising up of all energies held in the "shadow self" - all energies of fear, shame and judgment. All energies at attachment, attraction and glamour. All of these things have held you in limited relationships, separate from Life. You have felt that Life was something outside of you that you needed to become worthy of, that you have needed to control and manipulate to the things you desire, in spite of your lack of true value.

This has been a stage of friction and separation and fear.

We are here to tell you that in these decades, as you have begun to see that more of Life is possible, it has encouraged you out of separation in some ways, as it has encouraged you out of your familiar comfort zones with doubts about Life and its potential.

This has prepared you to come out of the cave of your wounded subconscious or lower self. If these terms are not familiar to you, there is much information available. The channel has thousands of hours of information to pass on, if you need a place to become familiar with these things. But we digress.

We return to the fact that you have been well-prepared for these new shifts, more fully than you could imagine. This time of acceleration has gotten you used to "change."

CHANGE is the word of the day. We have said it for several decades through this channel and the one before him (Robert Baker), who is now in the etheric planes.

We think you likely trust that change will be so at this point. Just look back to the last 30 years on your planet and you will see that it is hardly recognizable from the old limits and perceptions and densities that you once knew... You get the point.

It has been a time of unprecedented change on your planet. This time to begin flowing with change, and a move into the unknown, has been a vital stage in the Divine Plan awakening.

You now move into the bridges of the higher self moving down into the lower self. It is all preparing to join in the heart space. This is what you can expect as you continue forward in the years to come.

You are merely planting seeds for the foundational bridges of the unfolding Plan at this time.

So you now move into your will and passion for Life in these last four months of 2015--ready for that energy to penetrate into the lower will in the 3rd chakra in the solar plexus.

This will give a surge that it has been waiting for over the span of millennia. For so many lifetimes you have waited for an inspiration to begin to fill the void, which you have been preparing in recent years.

As you have let go of your limited beliefs and perceptions about all that Life could be from the old comfort zones. You have begun to prepare a space and as you have let go, it has created a sense of emptiness and dying away. This has created a challenge for you, we know.

You may have been felt you were losing your desire to be alive, your desire to be on the planet. There has just seemed to be so little point to it as the emptying has been taking place. We have great compassion for what you have been going through in this stage. It has been years and years of this process.

In the grand scheme of the soul journey, it is but the blink of an eye. But for you going through it day after day, we certainly understand it has been years of being asked and challenged, to let go and allow the old to come up to be nurtured, released and neutralized of fear, shame and judgment.

This is how you were being prepared to seek a deeper sense of Self, in which you could move and find much greater love, passion and purpose.

This is what you are preparing to open at this time. It is only the first layers of flow into this passionate purpose, but it is well-timed for you.

And so we give you a few brief hints and clues about what would serve you as a place of focus for the final four months.


The month of September will be a time when the energies of this next heart gateway will move into the 3rd chakra. This will either create a conflict with the parts of your lower will that are determined to hold onto your survival agenda.

What is a "survival agenda?"

This is the agenda of who you have thought you had to be, in order to please or in order to avoid conflict or in order to compensate for your wounded "unworthiness" myths.

If you had thought you have to be a super-achiever, then parts of your lower will may fight to keep achieving, rather than surrendering into a balanced life--where you trust more fully in your own value.

This might require an interruption of the super-achieving for a period of time, so that you are encouraged to release your attachments and can then access the feelings that have been held under the mask or identity.

"When I am not the super-achiever, I feel out of control and unworthy!" How wonderful that you feel your feelings. It does not equal that you ARE out of control or that you ARE unworthy. You are not your feelings.

If you maintain an attachment to the agenda of who you have to be and role you have to play and the way you have to be seen, then you will use these agendas as a distraction from the wholeness and value of Self.

The will and passion for Life goes well beyond these limitations. So this month of September will be an encouragement for those who have done a great deal of work, to feel the passion for Self (with a capital S). The soul Self, as this will and passion for Life, aligns with the soul will.

This began to bridge in 2014. It will give you a deeper sense of love, passion and purpose than you have had before - starting with a love, passion and commitment to yourself! To your own journey. To your purpose, which is ALWAYS a foundation of learning how to love.

This must start with Self. When you love yourself and value yourself, you are prepared for anything that Life brings. You can release the attachments to the peripheral details and begin to trust Life.

This could not be more important to your journeys into the new root race.

So September would be well-served to move through any conflicts that rise, any attachments that say, "But I must be this old familiar thing."

Instead, show up more fully to love yourself in the moment. Begin to explore what parts of yourself you might explore and express today. Explore what parts of your vision would you like to explore, in order to get to know yourself.

This is the foundational will and passion for life that will serve you beyond all else. What parts of yourself will you invest in, explore and deepen?

This way the energies of the soul that are emerging from the heart can begin to fill the 3rd chakra will, fill in the void with a new sense of purpose.


The month of October will be a time when these energies will emerge and move down into the 2nd chakra, as you continue the focus of September.

You now add the feelings that need to be allowed. You may find a surge of your "light shadow" feelings in this time. These are your feelings of connection and intimacy, your feelings of joy, your feelings of excitement for Life. This is just as scary for many people as the old wounded feelings, like unworthiness, out of control and deprived (to name a few same feelings held in the dark shadow).

If you need more information, once again, about the dark and light shadows, the channel has plenty of information. Make your needs known.

This move into allowing a surge of feeling energy will simply add to the passion of this awakening, landing, grounding time... between the lower self and the heart space.

There may be symptoms of physical discomfort in the lower torso as these feelings attempt to awaken, for you know that your old paradigm has been configured to avoid your feelings at all costs--fearful and shameful and judgmental of your feelings, more than anything.

You may have projected the fear, shame and judgment onto other people, but the truth is that the projection is a protection racket. This is an attempt to protect yourself from the people and situations that even hint at triggering you to feel things you don't want to feel. You somehow learned in your early years that these feelings were threatening.

This is when the will and passion for Life can encourage you, if you want to be able to manifest the things that are truly important to you. You MUST learn to embrace your feelings. There are plenty of tools to do this in safe and nurturing ways.

This will be the month of October.


As you move into November, you will access the parts of you which are buried deepest in the subconscious. As the energy of the will and passion attempt to ground themselves into the first chakra of the body (base of the spine), it will attempt to impact the form and structure of your lives.

Down through the lower torso and feet, you may find yourselves more grounded and passionate with purpose to take steps into your visions than anything you have ever known.

Where there is fear and resistance, or you have not done the inner nurturing resolutions, you may have hip issues, knee and ankle issues, as well as feet issues. There is an encouragement to activate your connection into Life.

This will either be a continued acceleration of love, passion and purpose into the new paradigm, making greater moves into the wholeness of Self, or it will be a time of more passionate resistance. This will only accelerate the symptoms of resistance--pain, fatigue, confusion, disconnection, as well as feeling more separate and alone.

You see, you have the ability to feel all of these feelings, as they are great indicators that tell you whether you are moving toward love or away from it, toward meaning, value and purpose or away from it.

You need the capacity to feel the symptoms of resistance, so that you can become deeply aware that you are resisting. All of it is there as a sacred opportunity to learn the lessons of your soul journeys. You are exactly where you need to be, and your lessons of resistance are not bad and wrong.

On the contrary. Those lessons are quite important and you learn just as much no matter what you choose. We simply want you to know that you have a free will and passion for Life that you can direct however you choose. So pay attention to the experience and it will guide you quite well, toward or away from love.

This is the journey.


The final month of December will be a time of much celebration for those who have been doing the work and allowing the assimilation of these higher energies.

It will be a time of coming together in greater communion with yourself and with one another. You will begin to converge, coming together with passionate purpose, where you realize you need one another to fulfill your visions.

This is a part of the perfect plan. You need one another in order to commune, to create, to truly love.

It will prepare you quite beautifully into the year of 2016, which we will just hint is a time to move into the expression of all that you have prepared. You will begin to move more fully into creative realities of your visions. You will move more fully into expressing what you have been preparing since 2012, when you moved into a new paradigm on the planet.

At that time, you crossed the Galactic Center, interrupting the old survival paradigm that you have been in for many millennia.

You have prepared the bridges of the lower self with the higher self, and this will begin to solidify in a new and powerful way as you bring 2015 to a close.

And so this needs to become a much more practice time of clear, conscious choices, clear, conscious connections and clear, conscious passion and will for Life. This will all join you into the heart space more fully than you have ever known yourselves to be.

This is what you can expect for the rest of 2015.

Encourage those who have not yet joined the "conscious train," we will call it. Many are being prepared. The first waves of pioneers have been well prepared in the recent decades and there will be many more seeking the front edges of this journey.

Realize that you, specifically you, are need to encourage and inspire, by simply living your lives courageously into your will and passion for Life.

And as we take you most joyous leave, we ask as always that you remember to love one another."

- Gabriel


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And here are archives for the earlier Monthly Weather Reports for 2015:
January - April
May - August

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