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We are excited to offer the Gabriel Lecture Series (Sets of 6 Lectures on CD)

Gabriel tends to offer lectures as a series of information. We have now made it possible for you to order sets of six CD's, which would cost $90. if bought individually for only

Please note that EACH tape set title listed below includes six tapes.

These informative, inspiring sets are now being offered for only $50!

Creating the Love You Want!

This series of six tapes is clear, informative and empowering. It takes each person through the initial programming that sets up our personal relationships. Gabriel then takes you through very clear steps to creating the loving, intimate relationships that you want and deserve. The tools are specific, giving exciting new direction to getting on with fulfilling yourselves in loving relationships!

Healing Your Defenses!

This most recent set of Gabriel lectures goes through the five individual defense types, helps you to identify yours specifically, as well as offering the specific tools that will allow you to move out of the survival system of defense that has held you in limitation. At this time in our development, we are opening the lower gateways of the heart and grounding the energies of the soul into the lower three chakras/energy centers. In order to do this successfully, we must clear the defense and armoring held on those chakras. This is a POWERFUL TOOL for doing just that!

Learn how to manifest your dreams. These lower chakras are the centers of manifestation in our lives. If we block our giving and receiving with layers of defense, then we are less able to manifest those dreams... However, with healthy information, you have clear choices!

Sex and the Soul

This six-tape series takes you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Gabriel shows you a path to the Soul Self, which is achieved by accessing and directing your sexual energy. The set includes simple, powerful techniques that allow you to clear your personal blockages and open to a much more sensual experience of life. These exercises can be done either alone or with a partner, creating deeper intimacy with yourself and with another!

By utilizing these tapes you can easily move out of your fears and defense, free to create your life as a fulfilling sexual/spiritual experience.

"I am profoundly grateful for having Gabriel as a part of my life. All the information I need for creating the empowered life I seek is given clearly, lovingly and abundantly in these lectures. He has guided me through my storm of loss, doubt, fear and pain and has opened doorways I never thought possible."

- Peter Frame, NYCB dancer and healing practitioner

Communicating Your Way to Success!

This set includes many specific techniques to create clear and powerful communication with your greatest resource, other people. By effectively communicating, you can utilize what others have to offer in helping you create your dreams and visions. This includes learning how to program your own nervous system to open to new and greater possibilities than you have been able to realize ever before in your life. In short, they offer real possibilities for taking charge of your life.


Freeing the Chains that Bind You

This series identifies the Five Energy Defense Patterns, revealing what has kept you in the prison of your present limitations and separation. You are shown how you created the mask of your false, ego self. You are then shown how to move beyond that mask in order to reveal the authentic soul self. The series is designed to empower you with information that will allow you to open to the universal life force and manifest your soul destiny.

Life After Death in the Astral Realm

This series of tapes helps us to solve some of the mystery of the unknown - what happens to us after death. We enter the Astral Realm, which is the realm of the fourth dimension. Ultimately, it is the same realm that we deal with in our dreams. To find out more about this fourth dimension and how you can connect into this part of your self through your astral body, get these tapes. Gabriel teaches us how to bridge the gap between our waking and dreaming states.

From Romance to True Love

This series deals with the blocks to creating clear relationships. It provides many effective tools, as well as empowering information that will allow you to move through the natural stages of a relationship into true intimacy and the fulfillment of your deepest needs. We encourage you to get these inspiring tapes and be on your way to healing the conflict, limitation and power struggle in your present relationships.

Resurrecting Your Soul Self

Learn how to direct the three energies or forces that reveal your soul self - love, sex and eros. Discover how your soul connects you to the expression of your divinity, revealing the truth and fulfillment of your destiny. This information helps you to uncover your desire to express live fully, your desire to penetrate and reveal deeper truths of who you are and your desire to commune with others and your environment from that place of truth and inner fulfillment. Gabriel reveals how to identify what stands in the way, as well as offering the tools that allow you to move beyond your present limitations into Soul Consciousness!

As a review, the seven different six-tape sets that are now available include:

Sex and the Soul

Communicating Your Way to Success!

Freeing the Chains that Bind You

Life After Death in the Astral Real

From Romance to True Lov

Resurrecting Your Soul Sel

Healing Your Defens

Creating the Love You Want

So order now and be well on your way to moving out of limitation and fear, into the fulfillment of your dreams!

We are committed to reaching people with the loving, empowering information and techniques that we have discovered, developed and found extremely effective in personal sessions across the world.

We hope that within what we offer you will discover some tapes which will be able to touch you at this present time in your life. If we can be of any further assistance, do not hesitate to ask.




Copyright 2011 Children of Light