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Q&A Number Ten

with Archangel Gabriel

Special Note From Gabriel:
"We hope that you are becoming aware that what is required to resolve all of the situations you have presented in all of these Q&A sessions is developing a technique and willingness to process and resolve all of your wounded feelings. This is the piece that is missing most fully on your planet, and vital for you to consider in being prepared to integrate the soul consciousness that is attempting to rise. The healed emotional body will become the vehicle for the soul."



Like most people I have experienced many ascension symptoms. I call this mutating, changing or activating the DNA, increasing my vibration... However, while I accept these symptoms with love and understanding and go with the flow as much as possible, I do not understand this one: I get very tired and have some difficulty breathing. When this happens, my body reacts differently and my blood levels become dangerously low. Units of blood are even required to assist my physical body to return to a healthier state, while no dis-ease or conditions are ever found.
I accept this as a life experience, but I would like to understand the real cause. I cannot vibrate at a very high frequency if my physical body is not well. I am in gratitude for your assistance with this guidance.

With the onset of the raising of vibration, a person's body functions are upset...particularly where there are areas that are blocked energetically. When the energy starts to move, it can create physical problems.

Where your specific symptoms are concerned, with the need for blood units and all, this relates to issues of childhood - where the circulation of life through the body became damaged from the emotional traumas. It has manifested in the solar plexus area of your body and in your nervous system. The bottom line is that it comes from a subconscious lack of flow of your feelings.

So we suggest that you get in touch with the flow of your feelings and how to proactively move them, accept them, nurture them, allow them. This will help. The lower region of the body is in contraction and that does not allow the energy to move smoothly for you. It affects the body having to work overtime, to be able to circulate the blood. That causes the blood cells to be overtaxed and they become diminished over a period of time.

This has built up over the years, but you are more recently getting the accumulated effects. So you need to learn how to move through the resistance to feelings. Everything is determined by the flow of energy in the body. The blood represents the life force that needs to flow. If you need help, you can ask for more guidance from the channel or his friend.

Anemia can also be a symptom for some when this takes place. If this is the case, there can be iron supplements that are natural that can be used to help as well. But mostly we repeat that you need to do work to get into flow with your feelings, to release your defense and resistance.

I recently read Gabriel's answer to someones question about the stock exchange existing in 2012. Gabriel said that the stock exchange would still be in operation in 2012, as it is one of the main methods of control.
As I understand it there are many probable realities to choose from. Gabriel answer seems to sound as if there is only one. I had an experience some years ago whereby I witnessed people standing in geometric formations at strategic locations all over the Earth. Our Sun turned itself inside out and our Solar System was pulled through a black hole that the Sun had created. When we emerged from the tunnel we were still all in formation our bodies glowed, but much on Earth had changed and we had to begin using new skills to repair Earth and indeed our own nervous systems.

Does Gabriel really feel that 2012 will come and go with very little change? If so, why?

2012 marks an energetic configuration for your planet - a time of endings and beginnings - but it will be included as an ongoing part of the process of your evolution, which is in a tremendous state of change. 2012 is a time when the height of the systems of duality that you have known for so long will come to a closing point.

2012 is an end of history "as you have known it," where you evolve through duality of two opposing sides. That brings you to a transition point - where you will move from cause and effect of the ego/personality to an experience of resonant causation, an experience of the soul.

As you move into this way of processing life and manifesting form, you will know a greater awakening, a greater consciousness. You will become more conscious of the choices you are making. It will be a time when humanity will be forced to take direct responsibility for their actions in a more powerful way, ending an epoch of evolution.

Your particular vision is perhaps a message confirming the shift from the electrical force of friction that you have all known, into the radiatory force of the soul - which comes from the center of your being and moves you into resonant causation.

As this happens, the distance in space and time that has been a gap between intention and manifestation, based on your thoughts and feelings, will shift. Manifestation will be more instantaneous as you move beyond the willfulness of the ego. So 2012 will be the end of this old way of processing life, so that the soul can guide you through a mult-dimensional awarenesss.

I have two questions.
1. Would you please explain the Seventh Golden Age.

We are not aware of this term exactly. Although these next 2000 years will be the Golden Age, ruled by the 7th Ray of Consciousness, (the Ceremonial Order of Magic) which bridges the superconscious/spiritul Divine Mind to the physical.

This will awaken the subconscious, the conscious mind and the superconscious Godmind. The Ceremonial Order of Magic will awaken the White Magician within, for those who do the work to prepare their lives and bodies - a potential where you will be in total awareness of both the universal mind and the human mind. There will be no more separation between God/Goddess/All That Is and the creation of humankind.

The 7th Ray will transmute and transform the personality to prepare for this. The 2nd Ray will be the soul ray of the planet that will awaken the One Soul consciousness.. The 7th Ray will create destruction of the old forms of duality and construction of the new, which will serve the good of the whole. You will know you have begun to integrate this into your lives when you start to become aware that you are indeed your brother's keeper...each responsible for one another.

2. Many spiritual leaders talk about being compassionate, but the Oxford dictionary describes compassion as "pity inclining one to be helpful or merciful." This seems to be judgmental and coming from an emotional perspective rather than the heart. Would you please explain the difference.

You are correct in many ways. "Pity" is in this definition, which was derived from humans in duality and separation and is rather condescending. Compassion is not condescending at all. True compassion is of the love force, the universal force of the Godmind. Compassion allows every individual form of expression to have its place and space to express and have its experience. It is inclusive. It is the love force in action, holding a space of acceptance.

Symptathy is of the ego. That is pity, where you look down on someone else or want to change someone else's experience. The reality of wanting to change someone else is truly that you do not like how YOU feel when they are experiencing what you want to change. This is your own narcissism, not compassion.

When you can hold a space of empathy or compassion for everyone to have their experience and learning curve, then you will be able to hold the unification of all Souls in the light of God's love. That will come from the awakening of the heart within each indivdiual.

I have a daughter with young boys and I have been trying to explain 5th dimension, Ascension, and the huge changes coming to earth and to her souls. We want to know, if during these years of peace on the earth, after her cleansing, will there be babies born? If so, will they be born into bodies as we know now? I guess she really wants to know if she will ever have grandchildren?

Yes, you will have grandchildren, if your daughter chooses to give birth.

However, the main part of your question involves the fact that the body is being raised in its vibration at this time of evolution. You will eventually move into the 5th root race - where you will ascend IN physical form into the spiritual human beings that you hold the potential to be. This is a first in creation.

Babies will be born in the higher vibration of the Earth as this process continues to evolve. They will be awakening more into their soul potential, as you learn to transcend duality on your planet. The parenting system will need to shift, in order to honor the guidance of these new souls, to be able to sustain this higher potential. You must develop deeper education of parents.

The life energy of the soul, the solar force that is radiatory, is what you are learning to prepare to house. The children of the new age will be awakening into more of the realizzed potential than you have known. Your history has been in a process of evolution that is bringing you into conscious awareness. People will eventually know themselves as the godself that they are.

I've been reading a lot of spiritual books and I've asking forhelp from the Angels and Beings of Light. At nighttime, I'm starting to see and feel a Being dressed in purple, but I'm not sure who this is. Can you tell me please??

This particular being is a being of angelic presence, directly related to guardianship for your soul. Everyone who is born has angelic presences, assigned at birth, to assist your growth. You have guardians and teachers working with you.

This presence that you are beginning to sense is a guardian that is related to your particular soul level. When you have reached a certain stage of consciousness, the guardian makes their presence known - to reassure your spiritual process, that you are cared for in your progress.

It is also an indicator that what is coming up at this time in your life most likely involves new challenges in your life lesson, soul lesson and life purpose. This will bring you into a higher level of awareness, a new state of being. This presence is there to assist you in this transition, to lend support and to help you know that you are protected in this transformation.

Some people get this in their dreams. Others get it in their waking state. Still others get it in the introduction of a physical being who is of a high level, who comes along to guide or teach.






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