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Gabriel's Overview of 2013

A Year of New Beginnings
through End of Conflict of Opposites



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And now, Gabriel Speaks about 2013...

Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and as always, we are most joyous to be in your Divine presence.
We are here to talk about 2013... a year of "New Beginnings, through the End of Conflict of Opposites or Duality.

This is a time of soul awakening, through the disillusionment of the physical relationship to life that you have known. The body is raising its vibration to prepare for this soul energy.

We divide the year, as always, into 3 segments of four months.

This will be a time following the connection to the Galactic Core, the center of your Universe, on Dec 21, 2012. Some of you were in Peru for that sacred journey.

This connection will help in ending duality, the experience of friction with life. This also opens the gateway into multi-dimensionality. In order to experience this as individuals, your bodies need to be raised up to a higher resonance or vibration and frequency.

You are moving from the "me" consciousness into "we" consciousness more and more fully, moving out of a survival consciousness... trapped in your lower 3 chakras or energy centers.

This limitation has led you to believe that the physical world is the "source" of your well-being and fulfillment.

However, you are just now penetrating the edge of multi-dimensionality for a deeper awareness of true Source. This is a time of new beginnings, as you let go of the opposites of duality, brought about in the separation of Spirit and matter (physical).

The creative force of the Divine Mind will now begin to awaken within you.

In the first four months, you will experience an activation of the 7th Ray of Consciousness, the predominant ray or energy of the next 2000 year cycle.

This is the Ceremonial Order of Magic, the Spiritual ray that breaks down all structures that have operated in separation and imbalance. It then prepares for re-structuring into communion and unity of the One true Soul.

This first quadrant will focus on break down, followed by breakthrough in the second four months and then re-structuring in the final four months.

You will now break down the reality of the lower 3 chakras in separation from your higher potential energies... the separation of the survival chakra, the emotional chakra and the identity/power chakras.

In this breakdown, there will be a revelation of those structures which are in the extreme of duality. Political, economic, social and religious structures... as well as family and communal structures that have operated from different ideologies in the last stage of learning.

You have been in opposition on the planet, based on your different ideologies of "right and wrong" levels of learning. That lower self operates through a fight for separation and opposition of that which is outside your personal comfort zones.

Rather than using all of your differences as a realization of the infinite possibilities of creation and what is available to explore in life, you have protected what you believed was the "only right" way to approach life.

You also have different soul levels on the planet... and you have used this for the most part to control and have superiority over one another, again in the name of justifying your "right approach."

In this time you will become more aware of the oppositions on the planet, as they become more extreme. There will be more upheavals, particularly nation against nation. There could be emergencies, with such nations as Iran.

We see the declaration of war as unlikely, but there is lots of control and manipulation in the name of using one ideology against another.

There will be uprisings in many 3rd world countries, even in central and South America... and some areas of the Far East and Africa. There will be some uprisings likely in the European conglomerate, based on economic conflicts.

There is a planetary monetary collapse that is hinting, based on the good of the few, not the good of the whole. many things will be brought into question and even emergency.

This is all exacerbated by the higher energies flooding into the lower 3 chakras, revealing what has been hidden there in fear and control.

In order for new structures to be built, the old system has to fall away, first by revealing what is out of balance.

Individuals are now experiencing the hint of a deeper sense of Self, moving through the subconscious survival self. There will be more and more dissatisfaction with attachments to the outer form for a sense of identity.

The inner is simply attempting to awaken you to deeper truths. The inner movement of the soul will attempt to stimulate you, by taking apart the structures that no longer serve you.

One example would be the jobs you have held from the old consciousness. When you have learned what you have needed, those might be falling away as well.

First comes the breakdown.

Wherever you are holding blockages in the body, you will experience sharp pains. The etheric or vital body is also being accelerated. It is the body that contains the physical body, connected through the habitual assemblage point on the back of the heart chakra.

The soul body penetrating the etheric body will also activate the axiotonal circulatory system. This may make you itchy or feeling like electricity is moving across your skin.


Then comes the breakthrough, as the Divine Plan begins to penetrate your solar system. The hierarchy is being guided by the Ascended Mastery, to bring in the information of the Divine plan to help you awaken.

There are many star systems that are working with you to create these shifts and breakthroughs. Many of you heard channelings of some of these star beings through Robert Baker on the journey to Peru.

The soul penetrating is bringing energy from the 7th chakra down through the body. There are recording crystals above the ears that are downloading these energies. You may have headaches, with pressure in the back of the head, as well as in the temple areas.

Do a great deal of massage to break up the blockages, so that the new energies can move. There are also two crystals above the eye brows, that take the energy to the pineal, to the pituitary, then to the thymus.

The thymus begins to activate the subconscious, so that you can awaken to the perfect place in the Divine Plan that is perfect for you. As it connects to the DNA of your cells, there will be activation in the DNA molecule...

This is a part of the breakthrough. You have many "on sites" that produce amino acids in the body that have not been turned on. This will begin to accelerate, releasing information from the DNA to activate the 12 endocrine glands.

This will begin to activate the beginning of the Divine Plan and the 12 archetypes of the Divine Mind. This will activate the glandular system... and will create problems if you have not cleared your bodies to be able to handle these energies.

There will be levels of anxiety if there is not a clear passage for these energies. It will not be logical, if you have had energies locked in the body for many years.

In the breakdown process, things come to the surface. In the breakthrough process, you experience a greater awareness. And the five physical senses will begin to be heightened. This will awaken some more of your spiritual gifts, if you have prepared the body.

The intuition needs to come through a still mind. If this is the case, you will move into more clarity and knowing and direct perception in deeper ways.

The soul already knows all things. All knowledge is waiting for your awakening.

As you connect to the Galactic Core, you will accelerate this awakening as an initiation into greater consciousness.

The more developed you have become, the more you will become aware of these shifts that are taking place. Many will move into an awareness of the collective consciousness. You will connect and resonate with your soul groups in deeper ways as well.

The law of resonance will attract you to like energies on the planet in a clearer way.

In the same way, many people will connect to the conflicts of the "old issues" in deeper ways, revealing what they are committed to... if they remain in opposition.

There will be a deeper awareness of what you DO resonate with and more awareness of what no longer serves you or resonantes in a much deeper way than you were aware of before. This will help you align with your own inner truth more effortlessly.

The inspiration of the higher awarenesses and the creative force of the higher will can become more apparent. This is the creative will of the Soul. You will resonate with your talents and abilities and unique qualities more fully.

Last year you were in preparation for World Service. In this year you will start to see how you can be of greater service and others will be able to serve you more fully.

Groups will become more interested and inspired by coming together in inspiration, rather than in the old opposition.

There will be new discoveries, such as in the medical community. There will be the possibility for ending certain diseases, based on the decoding of the DNA structure. Life will extend beyond disease slowly over time.

The pharmaceutical industry will be revealed, showing some of the secrets of control that has been the case. And Monsanto, which has been genetically modifying seeds to control the food industry.

It will become more and more important that you feed pure foods into your bodies that are of higher vibration.

There will be more revelation about how the alteration of foods is the very CAUSE of many diseases. This must come to the fore and be exposed, resulting in many law suits... based on the misuse of power and control.

Political systems will not be able to hide deeper truths. Corporate truths coming forward will be more prevalent. People will begin to say NO as you move into the last four months.


New inventions. New inspirations will be a part of the final four months, releasing you from the illusions of the outer form.

Greater development of an inner sense of Self penetrating the form of the physical.

The time will come in this quadrant that science will reveal through the examination of the DNA codes...and the 44 codons that have NOT been connected... that there is so much more possibility. Endless regeneration of the physical form.

And so they will increase the life span, even up to 200 - 250 years, in the next fifty years. That will then continue to increase as they understand the DNA, which is how the life force is distributed.

People will become more and more aware how important it is to overcome the opposition in the emotional body, so that you can access the direct inspiration of your intuition.

In the re-structuring, you will see psychology coming into an awareness of the emotional body and its impact on the physical. You will also see the importance of the spiritual aspect of being connected to the mental aspect of the personality.

This will deepen the understanding that you are spiritual, physical beings... and the importance of a spiritual connection in your conscious awareness. This will help resolve many problems that have been seemingly impossible.

The love force will be revealed ONLY as the emotional body becomes AS important as the physical.

This will be just the beginning of trying new things in all systems. You will see more and more groups operating for the good of the whole, not just trapped in wounded narcissism.

Along with this growth will be increased conflict, particularly triggered in the first four months of the year.

This year is just an introduction to multi-dimensional awareness and the apparatus of the soul. New beginnings, all having to do with the principle of unification. That is what the 7th Ray is focused on primarily. The Ceremonial Order of Magic, which connects you directly to the soul.

It will be a year of much activity and behavioral change in the world, starting with lots of loss of old ways of being. This will create panic in the world around you. So remain at the core of the Self that you are developing. Sustain your own resonance.

This chaos will pass... as you move into "we consciousness."

These are the things that you can expect as you prepare for new beginnings in 2013.

- Gabriel

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