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through trance channel ~ Robert Baker

This page is dedicated to introducing the empowering information received from Archangel Gabriel.

We also offer ways for you to obtain INFORMATIVE, EMPOWERING CD Recordings of the lectures that are particularly relevant to what we are going through at this time on our planet.

Robert Baker is the trance channel who has been bringing this remarkable information from Gabriel since 1990. The information has proved to be accurate and helpful for thousands of people around the world.

Robert channels Gabriel weekly at the center in NYC (Communion of Souls weekly meditation). We hope to be offering these Sunday channelings via internet video at some point in the future...

There is no way to adequately convey the privilege of being handed such clear, loving, empowering information... however, in these sessions, Gabriel delivers an informative lecture and then opens the evening to an enlightening Question/Answer segment.

This is a rare opportunity that we are thrilled to be bringing to the world. With so much change and acceleration going on, it is a real blessing and comfort to have access to such a source of clear information, who can help us to understand what to expect and how to work with the changing energies.

Robert, channeling Gabriel

"Dearly beloved Children of the Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and we are most joyous to be in your divine presence. We are here to remind you that you are creators.

We come to you at this most important time in the evolution of your planet, a time of unity of Soul and Spirit in the physical body through the Light and the Power of your being.

We encourage you to stand in the Power of One, as the individual Light that you are, to create a new vision for your world, a new Heaven on Earth through your individual expression of unconditional love for yourselves and one another.

We challenge you to act upon life as creators rather than having life act upon you. We have come to teach you or more accurately, to remind you how to do just that. And as always, we remind you to remember as you are able to love one another."



Though space is limited, due to high demand - Private Gabriel sessions are available by phone.

This allows you to access the healing wisdom and humor of Gabriel without costly travel expenses.

In the sessions, Gabriel first speaks about what he sees in your current process and then opens the session to your personal questions. Some of the issues that people tend to present for feedback deal with relationships (both present and past lives), career and life purpose, physical health and the details of what is happening to us as individuals in this unprecedented time.

You are not limited to any subject in these sessions... The sessions are recorded and afterwards a tape of your session is mailed to you.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, either call Robert at 212-662-8631 or email him at: gabriellt@aol.com

When you email, simply let Robert know your days and times of availability. He will then write back to confirm a time.

All that is left is for you to call 212-662-8631 at the appointed time. Simple and easy!

OTHER OPTIONS: Some people prefer to be on the mailing list to AUTOMATICALLY receive CD's of the Weekly Gabriel Lectures. By having your name added to this list, you will automatically receive the CD or tape of the extraordinary information that Gabriel brings through Robert Baker each week.

Simply email Robert to make arrangements. Payments are available by check or by credit card. Let us know how we may serve you.


This is a rather short example of a Gabriel message that is relavent to each of us at this time.

How to Live Your Life as a Soul

All of the Gabriel lectures are available.

By listening to audio tape, you experience the energies of Gabriel in a more direct way. It is the next best thing to being there! .

Comments from others who have worked with Gabriel and Robert -

"Gabriel's gentle guidance has beautifully enriched my life, helping me to find a deeper way of living each day with more love and compassion for myself and others." -Valerie Fagan

"In Gabriel there is a deep and loving guidance that is a pleasure to receive and trust. Our communication is a highly positive force in my life." -Marc Heller

"My work with Gabriel has, and continues to bring me great joy, balance, insight and serenity. I thank them both." -Bruce Hoegeman



Copyright 2005 Children of Light