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"Empowered At Last" with Ron Baker


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Ron Baker now has TWO books
listed on this site.

Ron's most recent release -
A Loving Journey of Transition

An inspiring story about crossing the veil.

Ron shared two heartfelt weeks with his mother, Carolyn, before her unexpected death in May of 2005. Their time together touched him in powerful and surprising ways.

In this book, Ron shares their compassionate story, which can now help others to take the fear out of death. You will also be inspired by Carolyn being able to share each time she was awake exactly what was taking place on the other side.

In the midst of facing terrible loss, Ron found that his mother was able to offer him a rare and precious gift... He was able to share with her across the veil for five remarkable days!

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This book would make a wonderful holiday gift for the people you know
who have dealt with death or are facing that potential.

It can also be an inspiring gift for those who want a beautiful confirmation of the
continuity of life beyond the physical.


Ron's first book


A Personal Process for Resurrecting the Soul

I have just a few copies left from the second printing of this particular book. Please email and let me know if you want a copy...
I am presently working on a new edition, which should be out in 2009.

Book Cover: Ruben Garcia


We are glad to finally have a way to reach many more people with information that has ALREADY HELPED THOUSANDS in various parts of the world. The first printing of this timely book sold out in only two months!

When you order this book, you will find out previously unpublished information about the accelerated changes that have been taking place in the world around us and how how those changes are literally opening new opportunities and levels of personal potential for YOU!

Based on ten years of accurate and helpful channeled material from Archangel Gabriel, this book explores the seven initiations of Ascension that began in 1997 - how they are changing our world and most importantly, how these initiations have the potential to open you to more possibility for personal fulfillment, abundance and intimate relationships than ever before.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - This book reveals how these changing, powerful energies are creating shifts in your own body!

This book will teach you how to begin working with these energies through a clear 14-step process. As you make these clear choices, you can create a personal transformation that will reveal much more of your personal potential.

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